Products and Services

It’s our unique combination of cutting-edge technology and unparalleled service that makes Maintenance Connection the obvious choice for your organisation.

Our cloud-based CMMS/EAM technology helps organisations across the globe manage all aspects of their assets. Maintenance Connection is designed to increase the life of your assets, predict and prevent asset failures, improve labour production, reduce costly downtime, minimise investment in inventory, and lower the total cost of maintenance.

Maintenance Connection is a company built on service excellence. We partner with you from implementation and staff training through to ongoing service and support.

This intuitive interface allows administrators and users to create and maintain all aspects of the Asset Management system.
This interface is specifically tailored to the maintenance person and only shows information relevant to their job.
A quick and easy method of raising a maintenance service request.
Smart phone or tablet users can connect to Maintenance Connection using a format specially designed for these devices.
Tablet users with no internet connection can download work orders and work offline, synchronising with the Maintenance Connection server when they are back online.
Our experienced team of professionals can tailor solutions specifically to suit your organisation’s needs.
Our commitment to service excellence means we’re there to help you at every stage, from implementation and staff training through ongoing service and support.
Our expertise in integrating other systems with Maintenance Connection can provide you with a complete solution.
Superior integration with GIS systems so you can seamlessly visualise and analyse information.
Our ongoing commitment to customer service extends to staff training
The security of our cloud-based system is proven. Our Avnet data centre is ISO27001 certified and ASIO T4 Protective Security certified
Our web-based software allows all employees, contractors and requesters to monitor and access their system from any location.
Choose the subscription model for secure access to the latest version without the expense of maintaining servers and software in-house.
Our technology helps organisations manage all aspects of their assets. Streamline your maintenance operations, optimise performance and improve productivity.
Intuitive, user-friendly interface requires minimal training. The modules work together cohesively to deliver a holistic assessment of your maintenance position.